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 The corpus linguistic program designs and provides training in processing and analyzing a large amount language-use data and develops world-leading multipurpose corpora of language use. In particular, the program conducts international collaborative research on corpus creation tools, morphological analysis, electronic dictionary creation, and development and utilization of analyzing tools, by utilizing script and language processing technique accumulated through various researches in TUFS. The research results will be published and made available to researcher in and outside Japan.
Core members: Tomimori, Nobuo (project leader); Narita, Takashi; Nakazawa, Hidehiko; Hayatsu, Emiko; Sawada, Hideo

 Corpus Linguistics Group Research Projects


Project name

Core member


Development of an electronic dictionary in Russian

Nakazawa, Hidehiko


Development of an electronic dictionary in Thai

Minegishi, Makoto


Corpus compilation of data from medium/minor language groups

 Minegishi, Makoto
 Sawada, Hideo


Collection of spontaneous conversational data in Russian 
Corpus of spoken Russian

Nakazawa, Hidehiko


Development of utility manuals for German corpus

Narita, Takashi


Compilation of an introductory text book on lexicology based on corpus data

Hayatsu, Emiko


Research on corpora for minor Language group in EU countries Tomimori, Nobuo


Data Sorting for Study on the Valency of German Motion Verbs and Adjectives

Narita, Takashi