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English Top » Core Members

Project Coordinator
 Minegishi, Makoto
 ILCAA, Linguistic Typology, Southeast Asian Linguistics

Field Linguistics Group
 Peri Bhaskararao
 ILCAA, South Asian Linguistics, Phonetics, Script Informatics
 Nakayama, Toshihide
 ILCAA, North-American Linguistics
 Hieda, Osamu
 ILCAA, African Linguistics
 Nakagawa, Hiroshi
 GSACS, Phonetics, Khoisan Linguistics
 Sawada, Hideo
 ILCAA, Linguistics

Corpus Linguistics Group
 Tomimori, Nobuo
 GSACS, Linguistics, Romance Linguistics
 Narita, Takashi
 GSACS, German Linguistics
 Nakazawa, Hidehiko
 GSACS, Slavic Linguistics, Russian Linguistics
 Hayatsu, Emiko
 GSACS, Japanese Linguistics

Linguistic Informatics Group
 Kawaguchi, Yuji
 GSACS, French and Turkish Linguistics, Linguistics
 Negishi, Masashi
 GSACS, English Education
 Umino, Tae
 GSACS, Language Education, Second-language Acquisition
 Sano, Hiroshi
 GSACS, Linguistic Informatics
 Tono, Yukio
 GSACS, Corpus Linguistics, English Education

ILCAA: Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa,
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

GSACS: Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies