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   The Field Linguistics program supports fieldwork-based research on a typologically diverse set of languages and cultures, including not only the world’s major languages but also lesser-studied languages. It designs and provides training in the methodology of collecting, processing and analyzing field data (e.g., courses in articularatory phonetics, descriptive linguistics, field methods). It also carries out comparative/typological research, on the basis of the diverse set of field data, on the structural diversity at various domains of linguistic structure, including phonology, morphology, syntax and discourse.

Core members: Hieda, Osamu (project leader); Peri Bhaskararao; Nakayama, Toshihide; Nakagawa, Hiroshi

Field Linguistics Group Research Projects


Project name

Core member


Compilation of a Word List for Field Research on Khwe Languages

Nakagawa, Hiroshi


Exploration of Interaction between Auditory Phonetics and Phonological Structure

Nakagawa, Hiroshi


Collection of Spontaneous Conversational Data of Swahili

Corpus of spoken Swahili

Hieda, Osamu


Language Description Data

Nakayama, Toshihide


Phonetic and lexicological field investigations of selected under-studied speeches of India

Peri Bhaskararao