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The linguistic informatics program builds on the research in field linguistics and corpus linguistics to significantly advance research in language pedagogy. It promotes applied research including developing a more advanced language pedagogy and evaluation framework of language competence, through analysis of corpora of language use in actual contexts of language instruction including naturally-occurring conversation and learners’ language use.

Core members:
  Kawaguchi, Yuji (GSACS, project leader);
  Negishi, Masashi (GSACS)
  Umino, Tae (GSACS)
  Sano, Hiroshi (GSACS)
  Tono, Yukio (GSACS)

Linguistic Informatics Group Research Projects


Project Name

Core Member


Research on Lexicon/Language-use based on Subject-Categorized Corpra Sano, Hiroshi


Language Engineering and Educational Engineering Sano, Hiroshi


Part of speech (POS) Search Engine
 Spoken French
 Spoken Spanish
Kawaguchi, Yuji


Basic research on e-learning through Moodle (Japanese Page) Kawaguchi, Yuji


Collection of spontaneous Conversational data in French/Spanish/Turkish

Corpus of spoken Turkish
Kawaguchi, Yuji


 Learner Corpus of French Kawaguchi, Yuji


International Collaborative Project on Corpora of Learners’ Language Use Tono, Yukio


Part of speech (POS) Search Engine on Learner's Language Corpus of Japanese
Learner's Language Corpus of Japanese
Umino, Tae


Development of Language Tests based on an Error Analysis of a LearnerCorpus of English

Negishi, Masahi