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GCOE Project Members at International Conferences in 2010

Makoto MINEGISHI(Corpus linguistics)
・” Verb Subclassification in Thai based on Syntactic Phenomina”
・The 20th Anniversary Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society
・Switzerland, Zurich2010/06/10 - 06/11

Yukio TONO (Linguistics Informatics)
・” How corpora can contribute to FLTED?”
・The 1st Symposium on Foreign Language Teacher Education and Development
・China, GuangZhou, 2010/12/9-12/12

Makoto MINEGISHI (Corpus linguistics)
・"On the narrow and open 'o' contrast in Santali"
・Papers for Presentation at the 32nd All India Conference of Linguists
・India, Lucknow, 2010/12/18-12/29

GCOE Project research collaborators
LIN, Juncheng
・” Development of a Recording Tool on LMS for Web-Based Language Learning and L2 Phonological Studie”
・California Language Teachers Association (CLTA) Conference 2011
・America, Santa Clara, 2011/03/17-03/29