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Corpus Analysis and Diachronic Linguistics
1-2,march,2010 10:00-17:50,10:00-17:05
Syposium tentative program 

 ・An Introduction of multilingual web corpus search tool, Sketch Engine, and their uses
Adam Kilgarriff (Director, Lexical Computing Ltd.; Visiting Research Faeroe, University of Sussex) 
8-November-2009  13:00 -17:00
Multilingualism and Code Switching in Netherlands and Canada
 15-October- 2009 

・Exploiting web query tools and Xaira for multilingual corpora
Dr,Huaqing HONG (CRPP, NTU, Singapore)
4-September- 2009 13:30~15:30

A Geographical Typology of African Languages jointly with an international workshop on Khoisan Linguistics
 12-14 May 2009 Research Institute of Language and Cultures os Asia and Africa