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Global COE Colloquiua in 2009

8-March-2010 13:10~16:40
Japanese Grammar and Japanese Language Education from the perspective of English Language
Inoue, Kazuko (Emeritus Professor, Kanda University of Internationao Studies)
Japanese-English Comparison: Nouns with which a thing means a particular event ~ Argument over the eventive nature ~
Ono, Naoyuki (Professor, Tohoku University) 

22-February-2010 14:00~16:00
"Numeral classifiers in Niger-Congo and its significance for historical reconstruction"
Professor, Roland Kiessling (Asia-Africa-Institute of the University of Hamburg) 

9-December-2009 13:10~14:40
Study on Grammar and Writing Style using Corpus and its Methodology
Dr. Douglas Biber (Northern Arizona University, USA)

7-December-2009 17:00~19:00
Linguistic Typology and Study on “Atsumi Dialect” - Grammar of Dialect and Corpus -
Matsumoto, Hirotake (Former professor of Chiba University/Former professor of University of Mamanashi) 

2-December-2009 18:00~20:00
Study on Modern Languages using Corpora ~ Taiyo Corpus and Modern Written Language UniDic
Ogiso, Toshinobu (Associate professor, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Department of Corpus studies )

5-November-2009 16:30~18:00
Hottest Topics in Corpus Linguistics
Adam Kilgarriff (Lexical Computing Ltd. Director/ University of Sussex,Visiting Research Faeroe)

4-November-2009 10:40~12:10
“An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics” SkE basics
Adam Kilgarriff (Lexical Computing Ltd. Director/ University of Sussex,Visiting Research Faeroe)

19-October-2009 17:00~19:00
Contrastive Study of Categorical Meanings - by using bilingual Chinese-Japanese corpus -
Dr,Tatuo Miyajima(The National Institute for Japanese Language)

August-6-2009 16:00~18:30
"Electronic corpora and the study of the Japanese language: recent developments and case studies"
Dr.Tadaharu Tanomura (Osaka University School of Letters)

June-17-2009 18:30~20:30
"Foreign language learning in higher education in Singapore: An introduction to the Centre for Language Studies and its e-learning developmental programmes"
Dr. Wai Meng CHAN (National University of Singapore)