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Young Researchers at International Conferences in 2009

Kim, EJa (GCOE Junior fellow )
・Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ) Annual Conference
・Perceptual Differences in Japanese Plosives between Two Dialect-speaking Groups of Korea ― Implications for Applied Linguistics

Han, PilNam (GCOE Junior fellow )
・Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ) Annual Conference
・Japanese Possessive Construction [NP1noNP2] and
its Corresponding Expressions in Korean

Huang, Hui (GCOE Junior fellow )
・Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ) Annual Conference
・A Study about onomatopoeia as noun modifier

Huang, Hui (GCOE Junior fellow )
・The 5th Meeting of China University Association of Japanese Language Teaching International Symposium
・Some Characteristics on Japanese 【onomatopoeia+suru】
・China,Shanghai,2009/12/12 - 12/13

Seah Thian Ming Terence (GCOE Junior fellow )
・A Corpus-based Analysis of Resultative Constructions of Unergative Verbs and their Corresponding Constructions in Japanese and Chinese
・Turkey ,Ankara , 2009/12/2 - 12/5

Naosaran Arpaporn (GCOE Junior fellow )
・Japanese Studies in Southeast Asia: The Past, Present and Future(JSA-ASEAN)
・The Construction Types of Inanimate Subject Passive in Contemporary Japanese
・Vietnam,Hanoi,2009/10/21 - 10/29

Huang, Hui (GCOE Junior fellow )
・The 1st Meeting of Chinese-Japanese Contrastive Linguistic Symposium
・A Contrastive Study on Japanese-Chinese Onomatopoeia—Some characteristics about their use in the predicate position as seen in the dictionaries—
・China,Beijing2009/08/28 - 09/04

Siqingerile(GCOE Junior fellow )
・The Third International Conference “Past and Present of the Mongolic Peoples”
・On the meanings of Auxiliary Verb < oru-> and < gar-> in Mongolian: as a Contrastive study with Japanese
・Mongolia,Ulaanbaatar,2009/08/26 - 08/28

Abe, Yuko (GCOE PD fellow)
・WOCAL 6 African Linguistics for Understanding and Progress
・Bende Causative
・Germany,Cologne,2009/08/17 - 08/21

Seah Thian Ming Terence (GCOE Junior fellow )
・The First TESOL Philippines International EFL ESL Conference
・Teaching Basic Verbs to Japanese Adults Using the Core Image Method
・Philippines ,Cebu,2009/08/08

Huang, Hui (GCOE Junior fellow )
・ The 1st Meeting of Chinese-Japanese Contrastive Linguistic Symposium
・Australia,Sydney,2009/07/13 - 07/16

Li, YuXia (GCOE Junior fellow )
・Topic development of conversations between unacquainted university students:focusing on Japanese conversations between chinese learners
・Australia,Sydney,2009/07/13 - 07/16

Yang, ChiaChen (GCOE Junior fellow )
・e-Learning based Japanese language learning -Research on the awareness among the beginner level students in universities in Taiwan-
・Australia,Sydney,2009/07/13 - 07/16

Honda, Yukari (GCOE Junior fellow )
・Creating a corpus-based educational word list for learners of Japanese using BCCWJ: a pilot study
・Australia,Sydney,2009/07/13 - 07/16

Zhang, ShengKai (GCOE Junior fellow )
・The 17th annual conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL-17)

・France,Paris,2009/07/02 - 07/04

Lin,HongYing (GCOE Research Fellow)
・The 6th International Conference on Internet Chinese Education
・Japan-Taiwan Language Cooperative Distance Learning by Communicative LanguageTeaching Method
・Tiwan,Taipei,2009/06/19 - 06/21

Jin Gang (GCOE Junior fellow )
The Japanese Association for Mongolian Studies  2009 Spring Meeting

Miyagi,Sendai,2009/05/16 - 05/17

Abe, Yuko (GCOE PD fellow)
・The International Conference of the Global COE Program “Corpus-based Linguistics and Language Education” -A Geographical Typology of African Languages jointly with an international workshop on Khoisan Linguistics-
・“The *-ag aspect in Eastern Bantu languages: the areal  dimension”
・ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies,2009/5/12-5/14

Zhang, ShengKai (GCOE Junior fellow )
・The 1st international conference on language theory education, study, and research
・The function of “PA” in the Pingjiang dialect
・China,HeNanSheng,ChangSha,2009/04/8 - 04/20