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Global COE Colloquiua in 2008

22-May-2008 18:30~20:30
“Variations in Language Analysis and Language Education of French”
Molinié, Muriel (Associate Professor, Université de Cergy-Pontoise); Morel, Mary-Annick (Professor, Universite de Paris)

"Corpus Analysis (Search) Tool Utilization Method 1: Corpora and an Outline of their Search Tools”
SATO, Hirokazu (GCOE Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Corpus Analysis (Search) Tool Utilization Method 2: Corpus Analysis (Search) Tool Use Methods
Murakami, Akira; Kaneda, Taku (Doctoral Student, GSACS)

29-July-2008 15:00~17:00
Analytical Tools in Corpus Linguistics: What are they? How are they developed? What can they do?
Laurence, Anthony (Associate Professor, Waseda University)

17-October-2008 14:50~16:20
La dialectologie nord-americaine : Quebec, Louisiane, Acadie
Baronian, Luc (Professeur Adjoint, Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Canada)

3-December-2008 10:40-12:00
L'enseignement et la formation en ligne, nouveaux defis, quelles solutions?
Bourdet, Jean-François (Université du Maine, France)

15-December-2008 18:10-20:10
“Modern Written Japanese Balanced Corpus and the Development of Japanese Research”
Yamazaki, Makoto (The National Institute for Japanese Language)

19-December-2008 10:40-16:20
“The Pragmatics of yani as a parenthetical marker in Turkish - Evidence from the METU Turkish Corpus”
Ruhi, Şükriye (Professor, Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
“Features for an internet accessible corpus of spoken Turkish discourse”
Ruhi, Şükriye; Karadaş, Derya Çokal (Research Assistant, Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
“Building a national corpus of Turkish: Design and Implementation”
Aksan, Yesim (Associate Professor, Mersin University, Turkey); Aksan, Mustafa (Professor, Mersin University,)

19-December-2008 10:40-12:10 
The English, Chinese verb research: From aspects of the theory of syntactic parameters
Huang, C.T.James (Professor, Harvard University)