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2007 Global COE Colloquia

12-December-2007 18:10~20:00 
“Selection of Co-occurrence Cases and Verification of Dictionary Description for Learners based on German Reference Corpora: With Basic Statistical Indicators as a Clue”
Imamichi, Haruhiko (Research Associate, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University,)

19-December-2007 18:10~20:00 
“Making Corpora of and Performing Voice Linguistics Analyses of Classic Literature and Visual Arts”
Sato, Hirokazu (Specially Appointed Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

18-February-2008 16:00~18:00
“From Lexicon Survey to Corpora: Subjectivity and Objectivity in Language Research”
Miyajima, Tatsuo (Researcher Emeritus, the National Institute for Japanese Language)

20-February-2008 18:00~20:00
“German Verb Data Bank Construction based on Language Use”
Kiyono, Tomoaki (associate professor, Chiba University, adjunct lecturer, TUFS)

20-February-2008 16:00~18:00
“French and Corpus Linguistics”
Fujimura, Itsuko (Professor, Nagoya University)

4-March-2008 18:00~20:00
“Japanese Grammar Research and Corpora”
Hanazono, Satoru (lecturer, Japanese Language Center, TUFS,)