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Young Researchers at International Conferences in 2008

Ota, Waranya (GCOE Junior fellow )
“Directional Verbs in Kuy,”
International Conference on “Language, Literary Works, and Culture in ASEAN: Diversity in the Unity,” Bangkok, Thai 2008/08/04~2008/08/05

Nakata, Shunsuke (GCOE Junior fellow)
“Final accent and lengthening in French,”
4th International Conference on Speech Prosody” Campinas, Brazil, 2008/05/4 ~ 2008/05/11

Son, Jaehyum (GCOE Research fellow)
“Comparative study of Sakae-mura and Tokyo dialects,”
The Japanese Language and Literature Association of Korea, Summer International Symposium, Daegu, Korea, 2008/06/19~2008/06/23

Matsuzaki, Carreira Junko (GCOE Research fellow)
“Google as a Corpus in EFL Classroom,”
33rd Annual Congress of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) Congress 2008,University of Sydney , Sydney, Australia, 2008/07/04~2008/07/06

Zhang, Li (GCOE Junior fellow)
“On Linguistic Function of 'Ra-deleted forms' in Natural Conversation - From the Viewpoint of Politeness Theory ,”
2008 International Conference of the Japanse Language Education, Pusan National University,
Pusan, Korea, 2008/07/10~2008/07/15

Mieko,Takada (GCOE Research fellow)
“VOT Variations in Japanese Initial Stops and Their Factors”
The Thirteenth International Conference on Methods in Dialectology.
Leeds, UK, 2008/08/04~2008/08/10

Ota, Waranya (GCOE Junior fellow)
“Serial verb constructons in Kuy,”
Chulalongkorn-Japan Linguistics Symposium, Chulalongkorn University,
Bankok, Thai, 2008/04/29~2008/05/04

Zhang, ShengKai (GCOE Junior fellow)
“The Auxiliary Word ‘ta?4’ in Pingjiang Dialect”
The 41st International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics
London, UK, 2008/09/19~2008/09/26

Ken, Sasahara (GCOE Research fellow)
“1) Sorabistika w Japanskej - stawizny a prospekty”
“2) Němske elementy w hornjoserbskej rěče pola dźensnišeje młodźiny”
X Dni Łużyckie
Opole, Poland, 2008/12/01~2008/12/06

Huang, Hui (GCOE Junior fellow)
“Onomatopoeia in Japanese Language Education”
China Japanese Education Association, 2008 Japanese Language Education International Symposium
GuangZhou, China, 2008/12/12~2008/12/24

Kim,Ae-Ja(GCOE Junior fellow)
Applied linguistic implications of perceptual differences in Japanese plosives between two dialect-speaking groups of Korean.
The Japanese Language Literature Association, 2008 International Conference
Seoul, Korea, 2008/12/20~2008/12/21

Matsuzaki,Carreira Junko (GCOE Research fellow)
“Teaching English Grammar Using Google as a Corpus”
The 7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2009/01/04~2009/01/07

Zhoy, YuJia
“Score equivalence of computer-delivered and face-to-face speaking tests: focusing on monologic tasks”
The 2009 conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL)
Denver, America, 2009/03/21~2009/03/24

Sakaidani, Haruko (GCOE Research fellow)
“The aspect of gender in Arabic textbooks used in Japan”
The First International Congress on Arabic & English Applied Linguistics and Rhetoric & Writing :Challenges in Teaching Language and Rhetoric Levant, Cairo, Egypt,