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English Top » Objectives » Administrative system of CbLLE

(1) Global COE Management Committee
Global COE Management Committee is established in Office for Research Advancement that is under direct control of the President. In addition to its management function, it also provides professional development support for post-doctoral researchers and graduate students.

(2) Organization and roles of project executive committee
The project executive committee is comprised of the CbLLE project coordinator and the team of core members of the three project groups of field linguistics, corpus linguistics and linguistic informatics. It oversees the overall progress of the program including budget management, selection of invited researchers from abroad, and selection of participating researchers.

(3) Organization and roles of the project groups
The project groups consist of graduate-level faculty members from various divisions of TUFS who specialize in linguistics, foreign languages, and language education. The groups are divided into sub-groups according to the geographic areas: Africa, Europe, Russia/Central Asia, East/Southeast/South Asia, and Northeast Eurasia/North America.
Each subgroup implements the educational/research programs through team-teaching. It also provides training for junior faculty members so that they play leading roles in continuing developing the education/research programs beyond the GCOE Program period.

(4) Administration Office
The TUFS Administration Office oversees the budget, personnel and legal matters.