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日本語 Top » 会議・研究会 » 2011年度講演会

1月24日(火)4限 14:20-15:50
場所 研究講義棟 206
Huaqing Hong 先生
"Multiple-layered Discourse Analysis of Corpus Data: The SCoRE-MMAX Toolkit"

Abstract: This talk intends to introduce the SCoRE-MMAX Toolkit about its design, implementation and application in
multiple-layered analysis of corpus texts. The presentation will demonstrate how we use this toolkit to process the ICCI data for learner corpus building and analysis.

1月25日(水)2限 10:10-11:40
場所 研究講義棟 206
Huaqing Hong 先生
"Technical Challenge and Good Practice for In-house Building Parallel Corpora"
Abstract: Parallel corpora are valuable resources for translation studies and contrastive linguistics. However,
there are hardly tailor-made parallel corpora accessible for researchers and translation practioners to apply to their own research and practice. It's also never an easy task for them to develop their own parallel corpora due to common issues such as missing of clear theoretical guidelines, huge demand of investment cost in time, fund and data, lack of handy robust tools, and most importantly, unavailability of a good practice to minimize errors and lower the learning curve.
Based on our experience of building several parallel corpora in last few years, this paper attempts to tackle these issues by analyzing the technical challenges, introducing some successful solutions, and proposing a list of recommendation for practical application.