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2009.04.03 Spain,Israel, Austria

ICCI Project Outline

The project of International Corpus of Crosslinguistic Interlanguage (ICCI) is one of the research projects within the framework of the Global COE program "Corpus-based Linguistics and Language Education". The aim is to compile corpora of young learners of English across different proficiency levels and L1 backgrounds. Also we are planning to collect TUFS students’ production data in prospective partner country’s languages as L2. We hope that this will be another exciting opportunity to work together for building language learner resources useful for research and teaching.

ICCI Project Director

Yukio Tono (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

International Delegates

  Tom Rankin, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
  Barbara Schiftner, University of Vienna

Hong Kong, China:
  Dr. David Lee, University of Wollongong
  Yonbing Liu, Northeast Normal University

  Tammar Aviad, PhD student, University of Haifa

  Dr. Agnieszka Lenko-Szymanska, University of Warsaw

  Dr. Huaqing Hong, National Institute of Education

  Dr. Pascual Perez-Paredes, Universidad de Murcia
  Maria Belen Diez Bedmar, University of Jaen

  Austina Shih, The Language Training & Testing Center
  May Ma, The Language Training & Testing Center